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The first thing I do when I wake up or when I am trying to, is to look at the clock. The fingers of the clock decide if it is time for me to get up or sleep a little bit more. Similarly, before sleeping too I look at the clock and see if it is time for me to sleep. And I do not know how many times during the day I look at my watch or mobile to see the time.

Before Covid-19 when I had to actually commute to the office, mornings were rushed. Time was carefully…

He stayed on the floor and made no effort to move

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Fourth period of Thursday used to be a games period. Everybody loved games period. There was no home work to be done. All we had to do was to go to the ground and play.

Everyone else had left for the ground to play or just loaf around and there were just two of us left in the class. Roshan, a good for nothing guy was there putting books in the bag. His hairs neatly done and his clothes all clean and tidy and yes his homework which was always all complete.

In the class he was always so quiet…

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It was dark and cold. I couldn’t even see my hands. I was sitting with just blackness all around me. Not sure what I was looking at. Just the darkness all around. My hands were trembling. I haven’t seen a night like that. Darkness all around and not a sound. I could hear my breathing but that is it. Sound of the air going in and out of the nose. That is all there was.

I was sitting somewhere. I couldn’t see where. I touched the ground. It felt like concrete. Cold and detached. I gently moved my hands on…

From the earth shall I rise again

For I am life

Build all the walls, raise the nails

Silence me, Suppress me

Words will still spread around

For I am life

I will rise from this soil

To give succor to your souls

From this earth I will rise again.

For I am life.

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“As if it means anything.”, I heard my fellow traveler say.

I looked up from my mobile and saw a woman. She would have been more than fifty with more white than black hairs wearing thick black rimmed spectacles. I was a bit confused to find a stranger talking to me, doesn’t usually happen in a Metro.

“Excuse Me”, I said trying to be polite.

She rolled her eyes and remarked, “Really…you don’t believe me!”

“No…no it's not that.” I replied hesitantly, “I don’t know the context, that’s why I can’t say if it means anything or not”. …

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Since nothing is proved, everything can be proved

-Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

We are divided and we are angry, very very angry. Maybe one day we will be able to see the madness of the times we live in and the utter stupidity of the hostility that has us in its grip. The strong, hardened opinions, the beliefs that have seeped into us so deep that they feel like truth.

We may like to believe that we are correct, that we are on the side of truth. We cannot believe otherwise or how else would we justify our…

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How often do I look at my phone and how long? Can I even stay away from the phone for more than an hour? What is this need to keep looking at the phone and being busy? There is a forwarded message in WhatsApp that needs to be seen, then there is twitter with a constant stream of tweets, there is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube that can keep me engaged. Each one of us may have a different hook but we all are caught in some social world that keeps us busy.

What is surprising is that there is a sense…

There is no Them. There are only facets of Us.”

John Green

(Migrant worker Rampukar Pandit crying on phone as he tries to reach his village. Photo credit Atul Yadav. PTI)

When you come to Mumbai, what will strike you most is the stark inequality. High rises on one side of the road while on the other side of the road there will be shanties, there will be people living on footpaths. Initially, you may be surprised or even appalled to see the poverty, the inequality, but then after some time you no longer see it, the observation has lost its novelty and your eyes get used to it. You see people living on the footpath or children selling…

Deepak Jayal

I enjoy reading, writing and observing the mundane

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